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Lower Healthcare Costs Through Simplified Data


Forego care due to perceived costs[1]


Of all bankruptcies are medical[2]


Avg. yearly out-of-pocket costs[3]

Healthcare + Fintech

Our Story: Turning a Personal Struggle into a Catalyst for Change

Our founder's personal experience with the stark discrepancy in healthcare pricing during his cancer treatment exposed the need for transparency. Driven to make a change, he assembled a team to develop innovative solutions that provide patients with essential information to make informed decisions.

Costnip: Empowering Consumers and Employers through Data-Driven Insights

Costnip is dedicated to enhancing the transparency and affordability of hospital bills, utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analysis to transform the current healthcare billing landscape. As a fintech entity thriving at the nexus of financial services and technological innovation, Costnip focuses on the healthcare industry, leveraging digital solutions to simplify and reduce the financial burden of healthcare expenses for consumers and employers.

Our mission is to lower healthcare costs through simplified data, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions. We collaborate with industry partners to drive positive change and create a future where healthcare costs are no longer a source of confusion or financial strain.

By harnessing the power of fintech, Costnip addresses and solves healthcare billing challenges, merging financial management with technological advancements. Join us in building a more transparent, affordable, and accessible healthcare system through the power of simplified data and fintech innovation.