Partnership Opportunities

For businesses seeking to manage their own healthcare expenses, we provide a solution that improves your bottom-line without compromising your employees' healthcare options. Partner with us to adopt cost-effective healthcare solutions that not only reduce your companys health benefit expenditure, but also boost your employees' savings, fostering a happier and more financially secure workforce.

Health Plans
As a Health Plan partner you can offer your members an enhanced experience by sharing and integrating our service, Costnip. This innovative tool will empower your members to effectively shop for services, allowing them to compare costs and make smarter healthcare choices. It is not just about facilitating a service; it is about promoting informed decision-making.

Health Brand
Are you a health brand striving to furnish healthcare consumers with the information and services they need to lead healthier lives? Collaborate with us. Through our platform, you can provide actionable health insights and user-friendly services, guiding consumers on their journey to healthier lifestyles.

We offer researchers an avenue to explore a wealth of data. Access to the Costnip Research Portal can help you study patterns in healthcare costs, service utilization, and consumer information. Harness this vast amount of data to advance your research agenda and ultimately contribute to fixing the broken healthcare system.

Community Organizations
Community organizations are often the first place consumers go for help with a healthcare issue. As a Costnip community partner, you have access to data, information, and resources to support your outreach work. Our resources will help you and your communities to advocate for more affordable and equitable healthcare, backed by real-world data and insights.

Transparent Provider
As a healthcare provider, show your commitment to the principle of price transparency by joining us as a 'Transparent Provider'. This will allow your patients to make informed decisions about their care by gaining a clear understanding of the costs involved. They'll know that you are dedicated to transparency, fostering trust and long-lasting relationships.

These are more than just partnerships; they're opportunities for progress, transparency, and healthier futures. Join us on this transformative journey. Learn more about how to get involved or email us to chat.
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